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<The Aggro Crag> is a horde guild on Spirestone (merged with Drak'tharon, Firetree, Malorne, Rivendare, and Stormscale) that was founded on July 4th, 2011, and has been going strong ever since. We are full of friendly and helpful members, have an active guild Facebook page and Discord server, and have reliably raided all content since Dragon Soul. Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11 pm EST. Outside of raiding, we have guildies online throughout the day and evening to run other content with, like keystone dungeons or world quests, and we have recently started running PvP events on weekends.

Committed leadership, constant recruiting, and reliable events have secured <The Aggro Crag> as a solid guild on the realm that has made a good name for itself over the years. We are proud of the fact that we never have to pug for our raids, and our dedication to inclusivity means anyone that wants to raid will get to raid. If you are tired of guilds that are inactive or falling apart, or that you feel excluded from, we welcome you to give us a try.

To get in contact with the Guild Master regarding any questions you might have or if you want to join the guild, please add Ashley#1141 or message Tylai-Spirestone while in game.

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Raiding with <The Aggro Crag>

by Tylai, 102 days ago

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